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Hello! My name is Eduardo Mora. I have started up this domain to jump-start my path to be a full-time web developer. I have been interested for quite sometime, and now I am pursuing my dream!

I started out by majoring in Health IT at the University of South Florida. Although I didn't continue down that track, I was always interested in programming languages. The most intriguing part was how it created different actions and content. So, I started with learning as many languages through Codeacademy.com. It was great resource to learn HTML, CSS, JS, Python, Ruby, PHP, and many more. After sometime, I finally got a job at a software company. Although I am not coding or designing, I am still surrounded by the environment. I learn new things every day and receive pointers from my co-workers. I am very grateful for this opportunity as it will aid me on my journey.

I look forward working with you in starting up your own webpage!

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